I was considering placing my son Nick in a special school for learning impaired students.

I brought Nick to Powers because of recess. Nick was not allowed to go to recess with his class. He was penalized for not completing his seat work at school. He was not allowed to go to recess unless all the independent work was completed. Nick tried to complete his work, but it took him so much longer to read the pages that he was unable to earn the right to go to recess with the other children. He was in trouble for talking during his independent work.

After Powers completed Nick’s assessment, I learned that his processing speed was in the below average range. The learning specialist from Powers came to Nick’s school and explained the test results and why Nick was talking to peers in class during independent work (he was asking peers for help him with the words he didn’t know). Powers recommended appropriate accommodations that enabled Nick to complete his required school work and earn the right to go to recess with the other students.

Thank you Powers for sharing my child’s best learning channels and how to teach him.
I also now know Nick’s reading levels in rate, accuracy and comprehension. At the time of the Powers assessment, Nick’s reading comprehension performance was better than 90 out of 100 peers, but his accuracy (correctly reading the words that are on the page) processing speed and reading rate were in below average ranges.

A Powers private teacher instructed Nick through research based techniques using Nick’s strongest channels (Auditory, Emotive and Tactile / Kinesthetic). Nick’s reading rate and accuracy have improved and both his rate and accuracy are now in the above average range.