The Power of Choice – Our Programs


For Powers Educational Services, learning is all about having choices – choices of how to learn, and choices of what to learn. No matter what it is your child needs, Powers is prepared to create a program for that need, or to customize one of our existing programs to your student. Essentially, every one of our programs is different for every student, because we tailor them to your child’s learning style and educational needs. Every program involves our technique of intervention tutoring whereby students are taught to use their strengths to improve their weaknesses.

Students that use Powers Educational Services have many very different learning needs. Some simply desire to improve their study or organizational skills. Others are looking for assistance in becoming better writers or in improving their ability to read. Many of our older students seek help in preparing for college preparatory tests. In response to these demands, we have designed programs that while specific to these concerns, are also able to be individualized for each student’s special needs and particular learning style. We are also dedicated to creating new programs as new needs arise. Some recent programs we have adopted include our Gifted Enrichment Program, designed to challenge those students who find themselves unfulfilled by their current education, and our Private Education Enhancement Program, designed for non-traditional students like home-schoolers who might be having trouble finding the specific program they are looking for. At Powers Educational Services, we view success as a direct result of providing our students with the choice to make their education fit who they are.

All of our programs, whether they currently exist or if we design them with your needs in mind, utilize our professional Private Teachers providing dedicated, individualized one-to-one teaching. Following is a list of programs we have developed in response to our student’s needs. Please feel free to make suggestions based on your student’s needs, if you do not see a desired program listed.


Writing Program

• Writing skills assessment

• Master effective writing techniques

• Improve content, organization, and editing

• Learn how to write descriptive, expository, narrative, and persuasive

essays, as well as research papers

• One-to-one sessions with a Powers Private Teacher

Reading Program

• Improve reading comprehension

• Learn how to identify important information

• Learn how to remember what you read

• Learn Speed Reading

• Improve fluency (accuracy and speed)

• Bring your own assigned reading or use our material

• One-to-one sessions with a Powers Private Teacher

Handwriting Program

• Dramatic Improvement in four sessions

• One-to-one sessions with a Powers Private Teacher

Standardized Test Preparation

• Diagnostic test administered

• Learn time management techniques and test taking strategies

• High school and college entrance exams: PSAT, ACT, SAT

• Writing for the PSAT, SAT

• Master the ACT/SAT Math Test

• Ace the ACT English Test

• Ohio Proficiency Tests

• Individual program designed for each student

• One-to-one sessions with a Powers Private Teacher

Writing the Successful College Essay

• Learn how to present yourself well in writing

• Sessions scheduled to fit your schedule

• Guaranteed improvement

• One-to-one sessions with a Powers Private Teacher

Organization & Study Skills

• Skills assessment

• Discover what your learning strengths are

• Learn techniques suited to your individual modalities

• Improve time management, organization, and note taking

• One-to-one sessions with a Powers Private Teacher

"Get Ahead" Summer Program

• Preparation for success in upcoming school courses

• High school credit courses available

• Make up a failed course or complete a required course to allow for a

more flexible schedule

• One-to-one sessions with a Powers Private Teacher

Private Education Enhancement

• One-to-one courses for the non-traditionally schooled student

(ex. Home-Schoolers)

• Transcript credit available

Note Taking Program

• Learn how to identify important information

• Learn how to increase writing speed

• Learn your best note taking style

• Learn how to use your notes for better grades

• One-to-one sessions with a Powers Private Teacher

Homework Program

• Complete homework at Powers to reduce stress at home

• One-to-one sessions with a Powers Private Teacher

Supervised Study Program

• For the student who "can" but "doesn’t"

• We provide the time and the place for work to be completed

Alternative to Medication Program for AD/HD Students

• Intended for Students diagnosed with AD/HD who are not taking


• Program works to increase focus, stamina, consistency, prudence,

perspective, and organization

Other Programs

• Vocabulary Builder Program

• Test Preparation for Students with AD/HD or LD

• Gifted Enrichment Program