At Powers Educational Services we believe that each student is unique and requires an individualized program. Our teachers assess each student’s needs and instruct each student through that student’s best learning modalities.

Powers students have access to:

The Power of Assessment

Everyone learns differently. Some clients retain more of what they hear; others retain more of what they see. At Powers,we use an initial cognitive and academic assessment to match each person with a program customized for his or her individual success.

Through assessment we are able to: We offer a broad range of assessments including:
  • Identify the client’s cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Gauge his/her current academic achievement and skill level.
  • Discover any learning differences—
    including ADHD.
  • Diagnostic tests including multi-factored
  • Learning style profiles.
  • Learning skills.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Time management skills.
  • Meta-cognitive skills.
  • Intellectual Quotient (I.Q.)

The Power of Private Teachers

Our private teachers are experts at evaluating our client’s learning style. They employ a multi-sensory approach tailored to our client’s abilities and levels of learning.  By integrating a variety of materials, including the client’s own work, a Powers Private Teacher turns learning into a process that our client can carry over to the classroom or workplace.

The Power of Individual Attention

At Powers Educational Services,we pair each client with a Private Teacher through our One-to-One method of instruction. This personal attention ensures that no time is wasted waiting for a teacher who is working with another individual, and allows our client to progress at a much faster pace. Our commitment to this individualized approach is further enhanced by our private teaching rooms, equipped with standard school supplies, reference materials,computers, and high-speed Internet connections.

We take a coordinated, cooperative approach to education that can involve:

  • Our clients,and if the client is a minor, the parents.
  • School personnel
  • Academic Intervention Specialists
  • Psychologists & Psychiatrists
  • Physicians/Pediatricians
  • Social Workers

The Power of Confidence

For many individuals, a significant part of the learning process lies in that person’s belief that he/she is capable of learning. At Powers,we teach each client to believe in him or herself. As a result of using appropriate levels of cognitive and achievement materials, our clients attain success at every session. By fostering the self-esteem of our clients, we teach them to firmly believe in their individual success.

The Power to Succeed

At Powers Educational Services, success is not measured merely by the completion of a program. It’s measured by how well our students apply their increased self-esteem and their strengths to achieve in the classroom, workplace, and life.

The Power to Learn 

Marian Powers, the founder of Powers Educational Services, believes every person has the power to learn. Her founding philosophy is grounded in the belief that each client requires an individualized program geared toward his or her needs and learning styles. Students are taught how to unlock their abilities by using their strengths to improve their weaknesses.