Success Stories

Sadie- Gifted

Thank you,Powers Assessment Center and Educational Services. My child, Sadie was assessed by Powers Assessment Center and found to have an IQ within the gifted range. She had not been identified as gifted at her school, although the school offered programs for gifted children. When Sadie was assessed through Group IQ tests the results were in the Superior but not gifted range. Sadie loved coming to Powers for her evaluation. She even asked to come back after the testing was completed. She was very comfortable at Powers.  One to one testing with Powers skilled test examiners allowed Sadie to demonstrate her true abilities.

Brad- ADHD

Thank you to everyone at Powers. Our home life is much better now that our son, Brad, is nicer to be around and a positive influence on other family members. We came to Powers for help because Brad was very resistant to any suggestions that he might change his behavior (He exhibited mean teasing, loud burping, refusal to do his homework, constant fidgeting, interrupting other’s conversations and making the family late).

Powers cognitive and achievement assessments revealed that Brad’s processing speed, short term memory and auditory attention skills were in the below average range. In addition, Brad’s ability to control his responses was in the extremely impaired range. His visual and auditory sustained attention were extremely impaired. I shared the Powers report and recommendations with Brad’s pediatrician who prescribed medication to help Brad control his dysregulation of attention (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder-ADHD).

While Brad was on his prescribed medication, Powers administered new testing of his below average areas. This performance based information was helpful to Brad’s doctor in finding the optimal medication, dose, and interval of dosing.

Brad enjoyed his sessions at Powers and we will call to schedule time for Brad’s sister to be evaluated.

Sam- Falling Grades

Sam was a motivated student and had good grades until he entered ninth grade. First, his math grade began falling from an A to a B then to a C. Next his English grade began to fall. Sam spent a lot of time studying. He always completed his homework but he didn’t do well on tests and examinations. Sam’s pediatrician referred Sam to Powers Educational Services for a comprehensive cognitive and achievement evaluation to determine what underlying difficulties contributed to Sam’s problems. The testing revealed that Sam’s Processing Speed and reading rate were in the below average range. Because Sam’s IQ was in the Superior range, he had been able to compensate until 9th grade when academics became more complex. Working one to one with a Powers private teacher enabled Sam to improve his reading rate and become more efficient when processing new information. Sam’s grades began to rise. Today Sam is a junior at Miami University and is on the Dean’s List.

Lucy- A Gifted Kindergartner

Lucy’s mother was referred to Powers Educational Services by a local Psychologist who evaluated Lucy’s cognitive ability. Lucy’s IQ was in the Gifted Range. She was bored in her Kindergarten class because the work was too easy. Lucy had been reading since the age of 4 and her Kindergarten class consisted of learning the alphabet and circling pictures that had the same beginning sounds. Lucy did not want to go to school. At Powers, Lucy’s private teacher quickly determined Lucy’s academic levels. Lucy’s Reading  and  Math were at 2nd grade level.  An Educational Diagnostician from Powers communicated with Lucy’s Kindergarten classroom teacher and Powers recommended some 2nd grade material for Lucy to use at school.  Testing revealed that Lucy was experiencing some handwriting difficulty and she avoided writing. Several twice weekly sessions at Powers soon enabled Lucy to feel proud of her handwriting.

Today, Lucy is a happy 5th grade student taking advanced Reading and Math classes. One of her short stories recently received an award.

Dottie- Dyslexia

Dyslexic girl reading
I want to thank you for helping my daughter, Dottie. Dottie was tutored after school by one of her teachers for 2 years. Dottie loved her teacher but in spite of the tutoring sessions, Dottie’s reading did not seem to improve. No matter how many worksheets Dottie and her teacher completed, Dottie’s reading did not improve.

One of my friends had brought her son to Powers and suggested that I call you. As we talked, your warm understanding and knowledge gave me confidence that I should bring Dottie to Powers. It was definitely the right decision.

Your assessment revealed that Dottie had difficulty with Phonemic Awareness and Long Term Memory. Her symptoms were similar to those of persons diagnosed with Dyslexia.
You recommended that Dottie work with your reading therapist who was trained in research based methods similar to Orton Gillingham. After a few sessions we began to see improvement in Dottie’s reading. She gained decoding skills and began to actually use phonics to sound out unfamiliar words instead of guessing by the context and beginning letter of the word. Dottie was thrilled. After about 20 sessions, Dottie began to read for pleasure.

Charlotte- Math Test Prep

My  5th grade student, Charlotte, struggled with 5th grade math in spite of being tutored throughout the school year by a former teacher. My child’s pediatrician and a friend both told me about the unique approach used by Powers Educational Services and I contacted Powers. After a few sessions at Powers Educational Services, Charlotte’s unique way of processing information was determined and the Powers professional tutor began instructing Charlotte in the best way that Charlotte learns. Charlotte likes the fact that she has a private room with just her teacher and Charlotte in the room. There is much less distraction in Charlotte’s private room than in a big open room. Charlotte loves coming to tutoring and has a good rapport with her tutor. Charlotte’s grade in math rose from a “D” to a “B” this year with the help of Powers professional tutors.

I was so pleased to learn that Powers also prepares students to take the PSAT, SAT and ACT. I sent my older daughter who was in grade 10 to Powers and was thrilled with her improvement on standardized tests.

As a parent, I appreciate the Powers plan that allows me to purchase 10 sessions and receive the 11th session for free. I also receive a free session when someone I refer to Powers completes their 2nd session. I recommend Powers Educational Services to all my friends.

Mrs. F. Sherman