Thank you to everyone at Powers. Our home life is much better now that our son, Brad, is nicer to be around and a positive influence on other family members. We came to Powers for help because Brad was very resistant to any suggestions that he might change his behavior (He exhibited mean teasing, loud burping, refusal to do his homework, constant fidgeting, interrupting other’s conversations and making the family late).

Powers cognitive and achievement assessments revealed that Brad’s processing speed, short term memory and auditory attention skills were in the below average range. In addition, Brad’s ability to control his responses was in the extremely impaired range. His visual and auditory sustained attention were extremely impaired. I shared the Powers report and recommendations with Brad’s pediatrician who prescribed medication to help Brad control his dysregulation of attention (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder-ADHD).

While Brad was on his prescribed medication, Powers administered new testing of his below average areas. This performance based information was helpful to Brad’s doctor in finding the optimal medication, dose, and interval of dosing.

Brad enjoyed his sessions at Powers and we will call to schedule time for Brad’s sister to be evaluated.