My  5th grade student, Charlotte, struggled with 5th grade math in spite of being tutored throughout the school year by a former teacher. My child’s pediatrician and a friend both told me about the unique approach used by Powers Educational Services and I contacted Powers. After a few sessions at Powers Educational Services, Charlotte’s unique way of processing information was determined and the Powers professional tutor began instructing Charlotte in the best way that Charlotte learns. Charlotte likes the fact that she has a private room with just her teacher and Charlotte in the room. There is much less distraction in Charlotte’s private room than in a big open room. Charlotte loves coming to tutoring and has a good rapport with her tutor. Charlotte’s grade in math rose from a “D” to a “B” this year with the help of Powers professional tutors.

I was so pleased to learn that Powers also prepares students to take the PSAT, SAT and ACT. I sent my older daughter who was in grade 10 to Powers and was thrilled with her improvement on standardized tests.

As a parent, I appreciate the Powers plan that allows me to purchase 10 sessions and receive the 11th session for free. I also receive a free session when someone I refer to Powers completes their 2nd session. I recommend Powers Educational Services to all my friends.

Mrs. F. Sherman