Dyslexic girl reading
I want to thank you for helping my daughter, Dottie. Dottie was tutored after school by one of her teachers for 2 years. Dottie loved her teacher but in spite of the tutoring sessions, Dottie’s reading did not seem to improve. No matter how many worksheets Dottie and her teacher completed, Dottie’s reading did not improve.

One of my friends had brought her son to Powers and suggested that I call you. As we talked, your warm understanding and knowledge gave me confidence that I should bring Dottie to Powers. It was definitely the right decision.

Your assessment revealed that Dottie had difficulty with Phonemic Awareness and Long Term Memory. Her symptoms were similar to those of persons diagnosed with Dyslexia.
You recommended that Dottie work with your reading therapist who was trained in research based methods similar to Orton Gillingham. After a few sessions we began to see improvement in Dottie’s reading. She gained decoding skills and began to actually use phonics to sound out unfamiliar words instead of guessing by the context and beginning letter of the word. Dottie was thrilled. After about 20 sessions, Dottie began to read for pleasure.