Lucy’s mother was referred to Powers Educational Services by a local Psychologist who evaluated Lucy’s cognitive ability. Lucy’s IQ was in the Gifted Range. She was bored in her Kindergarten class because the work was too easy. Lucy had been reading since the age of 4 and her Kindergarten class consisted of learning the alphabet and circling pictures that had the same beginning sounds. Lucy did not want to go to school. At Powers, Lucy’s private teacher quickly determined Lucy’s academic levels. Lucy’s Reading  and  Math were at 2nd grade level.  An Educational Diagnostician from Powers communicated with Lucy’s Kindergarten classroom teacher and Powers recommended some 2nd grade material for Lucy to use at school.  Testing revealed that Lucy was experiencing some handwriting difficulty and she avoided writing. Several twice weekly sessions at Powers soon enabled Lucy to feel proud of her handwriting.

Today, Lucy is a happy 5th grade student taking advanced Reading and Math classes. One of her short stories recently received an award.